Why should you pee after sex?

If you have a vagina than chances are high that you’ve been told to go for a pee after sex probably a hundred times in your lifetime. But why is the race to the bathroom really necessary? Because it reduces your risk of catching a nasty urinary tract infection (UTI) which is, unfortunately, all too common. But is nipping to the loo afterwards actually working or is it an old wives’ tale? Let’s find out!

How are sex and UTIs connected?

Science says: The more sex you have, the more likely you are to catch a UTI. That’s why UTIs that are associated to lovemaking are sometimes called “honeymoon cystitis”. But why is it that sex can cause your urinary tract to become infected? Well, first of all, penetrative sex can put quite a bit of pressure on the urethra – this is the handy tube that connects your bladder to the outside world. This can cause it to get irritated or force bacteria, most commonly from your anus, up there. The bacteria then make their way up towards the bladder and – you guessed it – an infection is already brewing!

So, how does going for a pee help?

If you nip to the loo after sex, the stream of pee will flush out any bacteria that have found their way into your urethra. But how do the bacteria get there in the first place? There’s a lot going on during sex! With various body parts and toys in use, there’s ample opportunity for bacteria to find a way to where they shouldn’t be.

Do I need to sprint to the bathroom straight away?

No, there’s absolutely no need for you to race to the loo as soon as the fun is over. Feel free to enjoy some post-sex cuddles or a little nap if that’s what you fancy!

Are you prone to getting UTIs? Then you might want to hop out of bed to go for a pee straight after. Better safe than sorry!

What if I don’t need to pee?

If you don’t need to pee, you don’t need to pee. There’s no point in forcing a few drops out as this will unlikely have the desired effect. So, if you can’t pee, grab a glass of water (or juice, or a beer – whatever you fancy, really!) and chill for a bit. Your bladder will give you the ready-to-go signal soon enough.

What about men?

If you happen to have a penis, you’re quite lucky on the UTI front in general. Why? Because your urethra is much longer. This means that bacteria doesn’t often manage to get far enough to cause any damage. Plus, since men are ejaculating via their urethra, it pretty much flushes itself! So, don’t worry as much about going for a pee in that case!

In summary

If you’ve never had a UTI (lucky you!), let me tell you: It’s no fun! So, if you can, try to avoid it wherever possible. And even though peeing after sex doesn’t 100% eliminate the chances of you getting a UTI, it drastically reduces the risk. That’s why it’s definitely a good idea to nip to the loo after your session!

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