What hot weather means for your vagina
When the mercury rises, we sweat more. It's a fact! Some of us might not want to talk about it, but it's true. Hot weather can also have us feeling less than fresh in our intimate areas. Sweat can alter the pH levels of the vagina and this can trigger bacterial vaginosis (BV) to flair up. However, don't fret! There are a few things you can do during the hot weather to keep yourself feeling fresh and comfortable, and keep symptoms of BV at bay:


Fragrance-free wipes

Trying to stay fresh and dry in hot weather isn’t easy, especially if you're exercising or commuting to or from work. Freshening up with wipes seems like a good idea, but be sure to buy fragrance-free wipes to help reduce the chance of perfumes altering the pH levels of the vagina.


Fresh underwear

There’s no better way to stay fresh in your intimate areas than to change underwear. A fresh pair of underwear can help prevent sweat altering the delicate pH level of the vagina.


Cotton knickers

Lace and satin underwear may be the sexier option but in hot weather these materials don’t let your intimate area breath. Stick with breathable fabrics such as cotton.


Say no to the g-string

Thongs or g-strings may be your underwear of choice, but on a hot, humid summer day, these are not your friend. Thongs and g-strings remain tight to your intimate area, not allowing air to circulate. Choose the more standard, “bigger” knickers in hot weather to help keep you cool and fresh.


Stay balanced

Avoid washing with soap or fragranced products. It may be tempting when you’re not feeling too fresh, but these soaps can alter the delicate pH level of your intimate area. Use a pH balanced intimate wash or plain water when showering or bathing.


How will you know if you’re having a BV flair up?

The two main symptoms that you’ll notice first if you’re having a bacterial vaginosis breakout is an unpleasant odour and unusual discharge. However, it's important to note that 50% of women don't experience any symptoms when they develop BV.

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