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We’ve all been there. You and your partner have been together for many years, you are living together, works is stressful and let’s be fair, life in general is exhausting. All of that can quickly lead to an almost non-existent sex life. No need to worry though, it can be saved! We’ve got some tips for you on how you can easily spice up things in the bedroom – tried and tested, of course 😉

Spend some quality time together

On many occasions, the reason why things aren’t working in the bedroom lies outside the bedroom completely. The boring routines of everyday life can quickly be a passion killer, so why not try to break free and try something new? Take a dance lesson together, go out for a nice meal at a restaurant you’ve never tried before or simply take a nice walk in the countryside. Doing things together that aren’t sexual can create desire and act as a sort of foreplay.

Mix it up!

Is having sex doggy style for the 100th not exciting you anymore? Humans are creatures of habit, and we’re often driven by instinct to do what we know works. But having sex in the same position every time can get B-O-R-I-N-G. So why not mix it up and try some new positions? You don’t need to be Kamasutra experts for that, and the new positions also don’t need to defy gravity. Simply try having sex standing up or let her be on top!

Play with the senses

Not being able to use one of our senses automatically heightens the other ones. Blindfolding is an age-old trick in the bedroom that (almost) always works. You can take it even further and give your get earplugs or headphones with some sensual tunes so your partner can’t hear you either. It’s the not knowing what comes next that provides an extra edge to the experience. You can also take playing with the senses to the expert level and introduce things like feathers, ice, or candle wax. Have a conversation with your partner about these things before though, just because you think this would be exciting doesn’t mean that they feel the same!

Get to know yourself

If you don’t know what gets you there, your partner has no chance of pleasing you. Spending some time discovering what you like can help spice up your sex life further down the line when you can tell your partner what feels good and what you don’t like. Knowing what you want can be super sexy! You don’t feel comfortable touching yourself? Try using a toy instead!

Get a room

How many times have we heard this phrase as teenagers? But really, it’s a great idea! Just imagine a nice, clean hotel room, a big, comfy bed, a bathtub, and room service. Now if that doesn’t provide the perfect opportunity to get it on, what does? Make sure you don’t pressure yourself, though! Just because you’re having a romantic night away in a hotel doesn’t mean it NEEDS to happen. If you can feel yourself getting stressed about it, just see it as a chance to connect and spend some quality time together. And who knows what the night brings!

How about some porn?

Now we know that this suggestion might not be for everybody so if it’s not for you, don’t feel like you have to do it! Watching porn together can be quite the turn on for some couples and trying the things they’ve seen can properly spice things up. If you don’t like to watch how about some reading? Try reading erotic literature to each other – and even if you burst out laughing at the third sentence, it can spice things up. Laughing is actually known to improve the quality of our sexual relationships!

Do it quick(l)y

Life is stressful, life is exhausting. After a long day we often just want to sponge in front of the TV or curl up on the sofa with a good book. An hour-long sex session full of passion and pleasure is usually not part of what we’re looking for! So instead of dragging your other half to the bedroom and keeping them there for half the evening, why not try a quickie? I know, it sounds so simple! Just grab them, rip their clothes off and get going – 10 minutes of actual passion is often all it takes, and you can go back to your romance novel.

Change locations

You know how it quickly gets boring if you walk the exact same route every single time you go out for a walk? Same goes for sex. So change it up! Have sex on the kitchen counter, make love in the bathtub or seduce your partner on the sofa. New smells, sounds, and textures make up for a whole different sensory experience that can bring some new life into your sex life!

Keep some clothes on

Wearing some clothes can actually be more seductive than being fully naked. Sounds strange, right? Not being able to see everything makes you use your imagination, even if you know exactly what’s hidden underneath. Even wearing a pair of fancy heels or some pearls around neck can add a little extra kick to your sex life.

Don’t wait until the end of the evening

For some reason sex is often the last thing that happens on an evening or even a date night. But do you really have great sex when you’re both full, bloated, and tired? Probably not. Why not try ‘getting it out the way’ early and have sex before you go out? This can not just improve the quality of your sex massively, but it can also put an extra special spin on the rest of the evening. And who knows, maybe you even feel like having some more for dessert 😉

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