Legs on bed sheets

Many of us will have encountered this phenomenon at least once in our lifetime. You spent the last hour having amazing sex, you get up and - whoa - your legs are all wobbly. It’s the kind of shaky legs you get after a strong leg workout. But why? Where does it come from?

Well, it’s quite easily explained actually! When you orgasm, you experience something called myotonia, which is basically just a muscle contraction. It doesn’t just affect the muscles in your genital area, however, but actually most muscles of the body. When the orgasm is over and the tension of the muscles is released, shaking in the legs can occur. It’s generally nothing to be worried about so just enjoy that post-orgasm wobble!

If you don’t like the feeling, then try drinking water or eat something that contains potassium, like a banana, an avocado or a yogurt!

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