Intimacy during the coronavirus outbreak


If you’d told us a few months back we’d be writing this blog post, we definitely wouldn’t have believed you! However, with recent government advice as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us will be spending prolonged periods of time at home.

However, time spent at home certainly doesn’t have to be boring (if you catch our drift). If you and your partner are both healthy but self-isolating to protect yourselves and others, why not enjoy some of the following activities together to pass the time?

Discover some new sex positions

Bored of missionary? Tired of cowgirl? Why not try Kinkly’s online tool to find your new go-to sex position? 

Enjoy a romantic bath together

That’s right, get the candles out, pour yourselves a drink each and relax in a decadent bubble bath. Why not follow this up with an essential oil massage?

Solo fun

Singletons CAN have all the fun! Why not use this time to become better acquainted with your vibrator? If you’re new to vibrators, you’re in for a treat. Why not purchase your first one online and use all your new-found time at home to play with it? Here’s a great guide on the different types of vibrators, and importantly, how to use them. Don't thank us, you're welcome!

Erotic fiction

Advance your knowledge of this genre beyond 50 shades. There’s a whole world of erotic fiction out there, waiting to be consumed. This is available in book form and also online! Why not give your Kindle (and yourself) a treat?

Stay safe

Who can envisage an influx of Christmas babies due to all this self-isolating going on? Throughout this time, make sure you have enough protection. Perhaps add condoms on to your online shopping delivery. If you’re on the contraceptive pill, make sure you have enough prescribed. If you don’t want to leave the house to pick up your next prescription, there are many online pharmacies which will deliver your next lot of contraception – conveniently posting it through your letterbox!

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