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Have you ever wondered how often couples have sex? Whether you’re making love to your partner three times a week, three times a month or less, there’s a huge amount of variation in how often other couples have sexual intercourse. The same goes for masturbation! 26% of 20,000 couples surveyed said they had intercourse once a week. However, many participants reported having sex a lot less. Some will inevitably have sex more than this. 

The key to remember is that there’s no right or wrong number for how many times a week/month you should be having sex or masturbating. Do whatever feels right for you!

What factors affect sex drive?

There’s a huge variety of factors which can play a part in altering your sex drive. Some of these can be due to life events, such as trying for a baby (or living with a newborn baby – hello 4am *yawn*) or reaching your menopausal years. Another common factor which affects sex drive is hormonal contraception. If you’re using hormonal contraception, whether that be the contraceptive pill, implant, coil or injection, these hormones can have a lot to answer for in terms of affecting your sex drive.

Stress can make it harder for you to get in the mood. However, sex and masturbation is great for stress relief! Also, having sex can make you want to have more sex – what a bonus! 

Libido – where are you?

If you’re libido has gone AWOL, why not try one of these eight tips for giving your libido a natural boost?

If you’re experiencing a persistent lack of libido and have concerns, it might be worth having a chat with your GP. From changing contraceptives to recommending other therapies, a talk with your GP is a great place to start. And try not to feel embarrassed, they’ve certainly heard it before and will want to help!

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