Do You Rely on Dr Google for Fertility & Pregnancy Advice?
If you find yourself consulting Dr Google for help tackling the minefield of fertility, conceiving and pregnancy, you're not alone. The numbers of pregnancy and conception-related searches in the UK are astonishing!


For help getting pregnant, each month on average…

  • 80,000 people search for ovulation calculator
  • 12,100 people search for how to get pregnant
  • 9,900 people search for signs of ovulation
  • 6,600 people search for best time to get pregnant
  • 8,100 people search for ovulation symptoms
  • 6,600 people search for when are you most fertile?
  • 4,400 people search for infertility
  • 3,600 people search for tips to get pregnant
  • 3,600 people search for trying to conceive
  • 3,600 people search for trying for a baby


For help during the early stages of pregnancy, each month on average…

  • 74,000 people search for pregnancy symptoms
  • 74,000 people search for signs of pregnancy
  • 49,500 people search for early pregnancy symptoms
  • 49,500 people search for signs of pregnancy
  • 18,100 people search for am I pregnant
  • 6,600 people search for pregnancy stages


Don't rely on Dr Google

There are plenty of useful resources available online but make sure you check the credibility of any website you're reading. Also, don't soley rely on Dr Google - it's important you discuss all of your queries with your GP or midwife so you can feel confident you're receiving and acting on the correct advice.

Many women find comfort by engaging with others in online forums going through similar experiences. However, remember that with regards to conception and pregnancy, everyone's experience is different, so reading about someone else’s symptoms, conditions and results may not be the wisest decision for you. Your healthcare professional is the best resource available to you!

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