Have you ever heard of cuffing season before?

If you haven’t heard of “cuffing season”, don’t be alarmed - it’s new to us too! Cuffing season is a term that first came about in 2011 and since then has been used to describe the time of the year when happily single people suddenly change their mind and want to be in a relationship. This tends to occur each year from November to March. It's called 'cuffing' as this is derived from handcuffing, because you're wanting to attach yourself to another person.

What is the theory behind cuffing season?

The theory behind cuffing season is that during the winter months when it's cold out, we’re less likely to go out looking for company. Single people who would normally be out socialising may find themselves at home indoors more. When this happens, research shows that for many singletons, they crave the idea of having someone around to snuggle up to.

How do the seasons affect when people are looking for love?

Men are 15% more likely to be actively looking for a relationship in the winter months than at any other time in the year and women are 5% more likely. Jump to the summer months when the weather is warm, and men are 11% less likely to be seeking a relationship and women are 5% less likely.

There’s even evidence that shows an increase in birth rates in August/September as a result of those cold winter nights spent snuggled up together.

Winter date ideas

If there's already a chill in the air and you're in the mood for love, there are plenty of romantic winter date ideas! Enjoy a skate around your local ice rink and warm your finger together on some hot chocolate afterwards. If you're happily single, why not do the same but on a fun girls date? It could be a whole tonne of fun!

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