The ultimate guide to pubic hairstyles
In this blog post, we’re going to be talking all-things pubic hair-related! Intimate grooming has been around for a seriously long time. In fact, there’s even evidence of the Ancient Egyptians using wax to remove body hair!

Pubic Hairstyles
Over the years, the trends for pubic hairstyles have waxed and waned (pun alert – we’re not sorry). In case you’re not familiar with the various styles, here’s a breakdown…

Full Bush
This is au naturel! Either let it grow wild and free, or trim down to the desired length. This look involves very little to no maintenance.

Bermuda Triangle
As its name suggests, this style involves hair being styled in the shape of an upside triangle. Some women may choose to leave some hair on their labia or remove it. It’s completely down to personal choice!

The Brazilian wax became popular with the increase in higher-cut bikini bottoms. This style received an extra surge in popularity after Eva Longoria famously talked very candidly about the fact it enabled her to reach orgasm for the first time ever.

A traditional Brazilian wax leaves a ‘landing strip’ – a small line of hair down the mons pubis, leading to the clitoris. However, it’s important to clarify this at the salon, as some interpretations of a Brazilian wax take everything off altogether!

A Hollywood wax removes everything. And when we say everything, we mean absolutely everything – front AND back! This is quite extreme and probably not the best first option for waxing virgins.

Whichever look you choose to go for is completely up to you! It’s your body and your decision only. You should never feel pressured to style your pubic hair in a particular way. There’s a huge amount of variety out there – let’s start embracing it!

Hair removal methods
Here are some pros and cons of common hair removal methods:

Pros – quick, cheap, painless, you can do it yourself

Cons – doesn’t last very long, may experience irritation and/or ingrowing hairs as hair grows back, potential risk of cutting yourself

Pros – lasts a long time, hair grows back finer, less painful over time with future wax treatments, you can do it yourself at home (although for intimate waxing, many ladies prefer to visit a salon)

Cons – painful, can be expensive, hair needs to grow to a certain length before it can be waxed, risk of ingrowing hairs

Hair removal cream
Pros – cheap, you can do it yourself

Cons – may cause irritation, can be messy.

Laser hair removal
Pros – Very long-lasting results, no maintenance.

Cons – Expensive! A number of treatments are often needed over the same area to start seeing good results. As these results are more permanent, this method isn’t ideal for you if you prefer to change your style. Can be uncomfortable (a sharp, hot sensation).

What’s your favoured hair removal method for your bikini area? Are you tempted to try something new in 2020?

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