What makes eco-friendly products awesome?

Let’s be honest: When you’re out shopping, the environment is likely the last thing that springs to mind when choosing your groceries and cleaning supplies. And that might still happen if you’re usually super conscious about keeping our planet healthy. Maybe you were in a rush or simply not aware how bad a certain product really is. But why is it so important that we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and why are eco-friendly products so awesome?

First of all: What does eco-friendly actually mean?

A product that is eco-friendly generally means that it doesn’t harm the environment. Sounds super simple, but what does it actually mean? Well, it can mean that it’s produced in an environmentally friendly way, uses environmentally friendly packaging, and doesn’t use any ingredients that could be bad for the environment.

How do I know if a product is eco-friendly?

Easy! If a product is eco-friendly, it’ll usually come with a handy label to let you know. But be careful, many companies will label their products as great for the environment to draw you in and make you buy. If you regularly buy cleaning supplies or cosmetics, you’ll be well aware of this practice as most products that use natural ingredients will be labelled as being eco-friendly. But that doesn’t actually mean that they’re 100% great for our planet! They might be packaged in single-use or non-recyclable plastic or their production might actually be harmful.

So, how do I know if any of those companies are telling the truth? If you’re looking for a genuinely eco-friendly product, make sure it’s got one of these labels here. If whatever you bought comes with one of those, you can be 100% sure that the product you’ve bought is great for the environment from start to finish.

So, what makes eco-friendly products so awesome?

They’re much cheaper in the long run

Yes, eco-friendly alternatives tend to be more expensive when you first buy them, but they actually work out much cheaper in the long run. How? Because they’re made to last for much longer than your average non-eco-friendly product. For example, if you get yourself a reusable water bottle, it’s likely going to be much more expensive than your plastic water bottle from the shop. However, you’ll be surprised if you look at how much money you save by not having to buy a new bottle of water every day. And it doesn’t just save you money, it also saves a bunch of plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

You’re saving resources all around

Companies that sell eco-friendly products will try their very best to make sure their production is also as gentle on the environment as possible. This means they’re likely running solar-powered plants, use wind energy, and alternative sources of water. This might be rainwater, or they might use specially designed water recycling machines. And on top of that, they’ll also do try to produce as little waste and pollution as possible during production.

They’re great for your health

It’s not just the environment you should keep in mind when choosing what you’re going to buy; your health is equally as important! For example, most cleaning products and cosmetics come with a bunch of chemicals that can cause nasty rashes and other allergic reactions. Eco-friendly alternatives, on the other hand, are generally made from all-natural ingredients and are totally free from any chemicals. That obviously doesn’t’ remove the potential for an allergic reaction completely, but it definitely reduces it drastically!

And the obvious one: They’re great for the environment!

Even though it’s super obvious, it’s still one of the reasons that make eco-friendly products so awesome! “Green” products are all about keeping our planet happy and healthy and doing everything they can to not harm the environment in any way. And although that might not be possible all the time and with everything, a few little eco-friendly changes can go a long way when it comes to doing something good for the environment.

Which are the most common eco-friendly products?

There’s an eco-friendly alternative to almost everything these days but let’s take a look at the most popular ones out there!


Jumpers, t-shirts, socks, and shoes – there’s an eco-friendly version of almost every piece of clothing you can imagine! They’re often made from recycled materials, use non-harmful dyes, and are produced using fully renewable energy. So you can save the planet while looking great. Awesome, right?

Recycled toilet paper

It isn’t as weird as it sounds, promise! Recycled toilet paper is a great alternative to buying your usual loo rolls at the supermarket. Most of the time it’s even cheaper than the non-recycled stuff! Plus, it’s also available in most mainstream supermarkets. So next time you have to stock up on the toilet paper, why not grab an eco-friendly alternative instead!

Cleaning products

Cleaning products are among the worst when it comes to harming the environment. So, if you’re trying to be more sustainable, why not start there! Most of your day-to-day cleaning products contain a lot of chemicals that are also bad for your health. So, take a look at the dozens of eco-friendly alternatives out there!

Reusable coffee mugs

Are you a regular at Starbucks, Costa & Co. and still get a single-use cup every time? Why not consider a reusable one instead! Most coffee shops will be more than happy to fill it with your coffee of choice. And just imagine all the cups and plastic lids you’ll save from littering the landfills of the world.

Reusable period care

Who hasn’t been there before: Aunt Flo shows up a day or two early and, of course, you’re out of tampons and pads. That’s something that’ll most likely never happen if you’re using reusable period products. Whether that’s cotton pads, period panties, or a menstrual cup, it doesn’t matter! But it’s not just super convenient for you; it’ll also make sure that no more pads or tampons end up in landfill (or the ocean, even!).

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