Can I use a menstrual cup if I’m a virgin?

The short and simple answer? Yes, absolutely! If you’re old enough to menstruate, you’re old enough to use the OVIO Cup. There are some things to consider, however! Especially when having an intact hymen or being a virgin are super important to you or in your culture, using a menstrual cup can seem a little daunting. But do menstrual cups actually affect virginity in any way?

What does virginity actually mean?

Defining virginity is quite difficult! Why? Because societies and cultures all across the globe have put it on such a high pedestal. But if you look at it from a simple angle, the answer would be the following: A virgin is someone who has never had sex. Period.

But where do you draw the line? Are you still a virgin if you had oral sex or do you only lose it with penetrative sex that potentially rips your hymen? As you see, there are sexual activities that we don’t necessarily associate with losing your virginity because they don’t affect the state of our hymen. And that’s exactly where most concerns about virgins using a menstrual cup come from.

Menstrual cups and your hymen

Let’s just think about the little membrane at the entrance of our vaginas for a second. How can a little thing cause so much trouble only by existing (or by not existing, really)? To look at the hymen as a proof of virginity is a very outdated view, although a myth that still persists in many countries all over the world to this day. Research has long shown that the hymen actually consists of thin, stretchy layers of tissue that wear away over the years. So, there’s a great chance that it’s already partly, or fully, gone by the time you start menstruating. But let’s bust some common hymen myths!

Your hymen doesn’t actually seal your vagina

The membrane sits right at the entrance of your vagina but generally only covers it partly. That’s actually super important! Just imagine it would be covered fully: where would all that menstrual blood go, right?!

No two hymens are the same

Just like your fingerprint, your hymen will look very different to other peoples’ hymens. Some cover more of the entrance of the vagina, others cover a lot less. Some people are born with a smaller hymen, others are born with a bigger hymen and, believe it or not, some are born completely without one!

Your hymen doesn’t really pop (or rip, for that matter)!

Your hymen is super stretchy and, since it often only covers the entrance of your vagina partly, it doesn’t actually pop or rip when you insert something. This means when you’re having penetrative sex, the penis or toy usually slides past it without actually damaging it.

Hymen variations

                            Hymen Variations (Credit: RFSU)

So… does a menstrual cup affect your virginity at all?

No, using a menstrual cup will most definitely not affect your virginity. To lose your virginity, you have to have sex. What type of sex that is, is fully up to you; there’s no need for it to be penetrative. However, using a menstrual cup – or any internal period care product – can interfere with your hymen. So, if it’s important for you to keep it as intact as possible until the day you actually have sex, it might be worth holding off using a menstrual cup for a little longer.

Is it more difficult to use a menstrual cup when you’re a virgin?

First off, menstrual cups always take a few cycles to get used to, even for the most experienced menstruators who have used internal products for decades. So, don’t give up immediately if it doesn’t work out on the first try. But to answer the question: Yes, there are two factors in particular that can make your start to cup life a tad bit more difficult if you’re a virgin.

Your level of comfort with your own body

If you want to use a menstrual cup, you should be prepared to get close with your own body. And if you’re a virgin, you maybe haven’t had the necessary experience o reach that level of comfort yet. That’s nothing to worry about, though! It just means that getting used to your menstrual cup might take a little longer if you’re not super familiar with your vagina. Simply take it slow and give yourself enough time to figure it all out.

Your muscles are a bit more tense

If you’ve never had sex, your vaginal muscles are likely more tense than they are for someone who’s had sex for a number of years already. This can make inserting a menstrual cup a little bit trickier to begin with. But don’t worry! Your body is super adaptable, and the vaginal canal is designed to expand when needed. How would we give birth otherwise, right?

Just be aware that if you’ve never inserted anything into your vagina at all, it can feel a little bit uncomfortable at the start as your body will need some time to get used to something being “in there”. That’s why it’s always a good tip to start with a smaller cup, even if you have a heavy flow. The OVIO Cup small is perfect for when you’re a virgin and just starting your cup journey.

We would also suggest that you try inserting your cup using the punch down fold. You can obviously change that over time or use a different one if that one’s just not your cup of tea! How to do that? Simply push down one side of the cup into itself, creating a small tip. Have a look at our instructions for alternative folds if that one doesn’t work for you. And to make things even smoother, either make your cup a little wet or use some water-based lube.

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