Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis?

Recurring bacterial vaginosis (BV) is very common. It’s estimated that it comes back in more than half of women within three months of treatment with antibiotics. To prevent recurring BV, it’s helpful to understand what can trigger BV.

The vagina has a natural pH level of between 3.8 and 4.5. If the pH level changes, this can cause a breakout of BV.
Everyone’s different, but some common BV triggers include:


  • Perfumed ‘intimate hygiene’ products
  • Semen
  • Heavy periods
  • Antibiotics
  • Too much washing
  • Pregnancy
  • The coil
  • Sex toys
  • Wearing thongs or tights
  • Having baths
  • Having more than one sexual partner


Some or all these triggers may be the cause of your BV outbreak. Once you understand your own triggers, having OVIO rebalance at the ready in your bathroom cabinet can help you soothe the symptoms effectively.
OVIO rebalance restores your body’s defence system. Lactic acid rebalances the natural pH of the vagina, while the whey extracts with its valuable minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins restore the microbial balance of the vaginal tract.

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