Can I use lube for sex during pregnancy?

This is understandably a common question, particularly among first-time mums! Read on to find out more about sperm-friendly lubricants, using lube for sex during pregnancy

Sperm-friendly lubricants

While trying to conceive (TTC) it’s important to use a personal lubricant that is specifically sperm-friendly. Many personal lubricants contain spermicide which kills sperm, reducing their numbers and dramatically reducing the chance of conception. Sperm-friendly lubricants maintain the ideal environment to maximise sperm mobility, allowing them to easily track to the egg.

Using lube for sex in pregnancy

Due to a change in hormones during pregnancy many women experience an increase in vaginal discharge, meaning they find they don’t need to use a personal lubricant. But this isn’t the case for all pregnant women, and while some women have an increase in discharge, the same hormonal changes cause some women to experience vaginal dryness. This can result in uncomfortable sex.

It’s reassuring to know that the cervix is securely closed until the baby is ready to make its arrival. This means if you're enjoying a “normal” pregnancy, sex is safe during pregnancy and there is no chance of lubricant reaching the baby. Speak with your midwife if you are unsure whether it is safe for you to have intercourse during your pregnancy.

Picking the right lubricant

While pregnant the risk of vaginal infection is increased. Water-based lubricants are the best type of lubricant to use as they are absorbed into the body, leaving behind no residue to cause irritation. Silicone and oil based lubricants can alter the pH balance of the vagina and increase your risk of infection.

During pregnancy it's important to avoid personal lubricants that contain glycerine, parabens, fragrances or colours, as these ingredients increase the risk of vaginal irritation. The nerves in the vagina are more sensitive during pregnancy so personal lubricants that tingle or enhance pleasure may cause uncomfortable side effects.

The OVIO range of personal lubrication has been formulated to offer comfort and lubrication without the use of parabens, glycerine, fragrances or colours. OVIO personal lubrication is safe for use during pregnancy. Speak to your midwife or GP for advice related to sex during pregnancy.

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